Transportation – Getting from point A to point B need not be done in the conventional and dull manner anymore…

  • Convoy Escorts: Need to ‘open up’ the road, create some attention or make a grand entrance or exit? BLR and our Harley motorcycles sure can lend a hand; just let us know what your requirements are!
  • Airport Transfer Services: You no longer need to arrive to your hotel in plain old boring taxis anymore. Leave it to us and we will let you make a grand entrance. Rest assure that your luggage will be there when you arrive!
  • Spoil a Friend: Do you really need a reason or excuse to pamper a good friend or a family member. Nothing beats an ‘out of the blue’ surprise bundle of adrenaline pumping fun to brighten up that someone’s day!
  • Christmas Events: This year, Santa might just want to get away from his traditional reindeer convoy. So why not let Santa arrive in style and rave up your Christmas party!
  • Legoland / Johor transportation: The standard way of transportation. Book a private van for max 7 persons and make your trip to Malaysia easy, simple and kids friendly. Door to door service without disemparkation at immigration check points. Dinner and shopping options available too.