Every party needs to be BIG and LOUD and our company name speaks for itself. Include BLR and our Harley bikes to ramp your party up and offer her/him the special experience of the day!

  • Birthdays: Birthday surprise is our top favourite! Just send a Harley to the office or home and pick up that special person or simply put together a convoy to escort him or her to their birthday party venue!
  • Hen's or Buck's Nights: We guarantee your arrival will turn heads and gain admiration from all and you'll have a "buzz" that will start the night off on a perfect note!

  • Mid-Life crisis Birthday Ride: Know anyone who is hitting the big 40 or 50? Put them on a Harley and make them feel young and cool to relive those younger days of glory! 

  • Surprise Parties: Need time to finish the last minute arrangements for your surprise party? We can keep your guest of honour distracted as long as you need.

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