1. What is the right type of tour for me?

BLR provides different types of motorcycle tours and rides to suit the taste and preference of our clients. If time is a factor, you might like to participate in our Singapore Tours with duration of 3 to 4 hours. For the more adventurous individuals who like to explore beyond the borders of Singapore and have the endurance of sitting for a longer time period on the bike, we recommend our Weekend Lunch Ride or overnight motorcycle tour packages. Our customized tours include standard tours as marked in the calendar but also fully tailored private tours. BLR tours are categorized in 1, 2 and 3 flames where 1 flame tour is easy and simple ride suitable for all riders. 3 flame tour is the most challenging and requires good experience and physical condition for all participants.

  1. What physical condition should I be in?

As the climate in South East Asia is hot and humid, this will require for participants to be in a robust condition to physically manage the weight of the bike and endure a full day on the bike.

  1. What happens if my bike breaks down?

Sound prevention along with good mechanical preparation and maintenance of the motorcycles helps to limit potential inconvenient breakdowns while on tour. We will utilise whatever resources and local contacts to help repair your bike or, if need be, get it transported back to Singapore.

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  1. What type of motorcycle license do I need?

According to Singapore law, you need to have a valid license for riding big bikes that are over 400cc.


  1. How will I manage my luggage?

You can leave your luggage at BLR’s office for safekeeping when you are on an overnight tour. Alternatively, you can also leave your luggage with your hotel concierge. All bikes are equipped with saddle bags for your personal gears. Touring bags are available at BLR’s office.

  1. Do I have free and easy time on my own while on tour?

Yes. Dinner is usually arranged for the first night of the tour and thereafter it will be free and easy time. Your Tour Captain will brief the group after dinner about the next riding day. Longer tours are planned so that you don’t need to sit on the bike the entire day, unless you request otherwise.

  1. What else do you do besides riding?

Depending on the location of the tour, and upon client’s request, we can help to arrange for other activities such as golfing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, sailing, visiting famous tourists spots for sightseeing etc.

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  1. Is GPS required?

No. Your Tour Captain has all the necessary equipment and knowledge of the routes that you will be taking on the tour. For longer tours, every participant will have printed instructions and road maps for the riding route. Still, a GPS with updated maps is always a great help on unfamiliar roads.

  1. Motorcycle Insurance?

In accordance to the laws of Singapore, all our motorcycles have been insured for road accidents involving you or a third party. This is claimable only for damages that are in excess of SGD$4.000. Any damages less than that amount will be fully borne by you. Please read terms and conditions carefully. 


  1. Do I need special insurance of any kind?

Personal travel insurance is mandatory and not included in the cost of the tour. It is a condition of your booking with us that each person or each member of a group booking has travel insurance covering for riding a motorcycle, medical insurance, repatriation, and liability insurance and personal accident as a minimum. We recommend that your cover should include holiday cancellation or interruption and flight cancellation. BLR will not be held liable in the event of any claim arising out of events beyond our control such as airlines or booking delays or cancellations as a result of you taking part in activities which are not part of the original booking. BLR will take it as you cancelling your booking should there be failure to provide proof of these travel insurance (see our Refund and Cancellation Policy below).

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  1. What is not included in the tour package?

Personal travel insurance, riding gears, alcoholic drinks, minibar and other hotel incidental expenses, parking tickets and speeding fines as well as unhappy faces are not included in the costs of the tour.

  1. What kind of gears and shoes should I use?

Over here in South East Asia, it is hot and humid all year round. So come with clothing that breathes well and comfortable to wear. There is no substitute for safety especially on a motorcycle tour and what you wear is down to you at the end of the day but you must have at least the minimum requirements such as helmets (full face visor at least is recommended), boots, protective trousers and eyewear/goggles, rain gears and riding jacket (especially for tours out of Singapore). All these gears are available at BLR, but nothing beats your own helmet.

  1. Do I need to obtain any special visas in advance?

This depends on the country that you are from. You are advised to check with your embassy. But in general, a normal tourist visa is sufficed and this is applicable for all western countries. However, should you require a special visa for participating in our overnight tours out of Singapore, we can assist in obtaining the visa for you.

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  1. If I want a private customized tour only for me and my friends, is BLR able to accommodate that?

Of course we can! This is a large part of BLR’s services. Just contact any of our team members at BLR and we will be more than happy to assist you in planning.

  1. Can I bring a pillion to join the tour?

Most definitely! Non-riding guests are more than welcome to participate in our tours!

  1. Can I use my own bike?

Yes you can. This is especially ideal for riders based in Singapore who want to join a group of bike enthusiasts for a ride. For further details contact us at info@bigloudrides.com

  1. When and how do I make my booking and payments?

NOW!! Life is too short to hesitate for long! And besides, one can never have enough of ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences! Just click on ‘Bike Tours’ and select the type of tours you are interested in and it will lead you directly to the checkout page where you can see the schedule of coming rides and make the down payment by PAYPAL for your motorcycle tour.

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  1. What are the accommodations like?

We take great pride in providing finer quality tours to our clients; hence accommodation is an important aspect that we will not overlook. You will find the hotels we have teamed up with under ‘Partners’.

  1. Will I have a roommate?

Unless you are on tour with a pillion rider or you specify that you would like to have a roommate to share the accommodation costs, otherwise, every participant will have a room to themselves.

  1. What is your Refund and Cancellation policy?

Should you wish to cancel your booking; the following cancellation charges will be imposed. They are calculated from the day your cancellation is received in writing.

Cancellations received more than 60 days prior to departure will be subject to a cancellation fee of S$500 per person.

Cancellations received less than 60 days prior to departure will be subject to the following forfeit of tour cost:

– 60 - 31 Day Cancellation Notice: 50% of Total Booking Amount

– 30 or Less Day Cancellation Notice: 100% of Total Booking Amount

– No Show: 100% of Total Booking Amount

Cancellation Fees will be charged to your Credit Card. Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason. Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

All apparels purchased from BLR's online shop are not exchangeable and non-refundable.

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