Motorcycle Tours in Asia

We at BigLoudRides dedicate ourselves to providing guided motorcycle tours for our fellow motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for a memorable experience on two wheels across South East Asia. Our guided motorcycle tours span across the open roads of Malaysia, Thailand and even further. Aside from guided motorbike tours, we also incorporate out-bound motorcycle holidays, motorcycle rentals, sightseeing tours on Harley bikes, birthday and customised motorcycle transportation services for special occasions and corporate events. Motorcycle riding skill training programs are the latest addition to BLR's product portfolio.

BLR's fleet is including wide range of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Our team at BLR genuinely have an immense passion for motorcycle riding, possess a free and adventurous spirit and simply love the thunderous roar of an engine between the legs! May it be a motorcycle expedition on the open roads in Asia, a simple motorbike rental or a leisure motorcycle cruise on the back seat of a Harley Davidson, we at BLR are committed to bring to you, a one-of-a-kind motorbike experience which will forever be etched on your mind!! BLR rides are designed by bikers to bikers. Let your dreams come true, in Asia.