Riding with Us

1. House Rules:

Safety is number one for us. This principle reflects in all our activities and is strictly expected from our customers.


Our tour prices include:

  • Motorcycle

  • Collision damage and liability insurance

  • Unlimited mileage

  • Helmet

  • Welcome dinner for the first touring night (overnight rides)

  • Accommodation for the duration of tour (overnight rides)

  • All breakfasts (overnight rides)

  • All taxes and surcharges

  • Professional tour captain

  • Unique experiences and smiley faces

Our tour prices do not include:

  • Personal travel and accident insurances

  • Airfares to and from Singapore

  • Transfers to and from airport

  • Petrol (unless otherwise stated)

  • Riding gears other than helmets. There are riding jackets and rain gears for rental.

  • Minibar, telephone and other hotel incidental expenses

  • Parking tickets and speeding fines

  • Food and snack except breakfasts (unless otherwise stated)

  • Beverages and Alcohol

  • Personal Souvenirs


2.  Riding experience of participants:

Roads and road culture of South East Asia differs from the western world. Therefore we encourage our customers to consider carefully their suitability for our motorcycle tours. Still in principle we have only 4 main requirements:

Our tour captain is responsible of providing every participant an enjoyable motorcycle holiday. This means also that speed and roads are chosen according to the weakest or least experienced rider of the group. The groups of BLR tours are also kept small, especially if individual riders are participating in the tour. Like this we can ensure that everyone’s interest will be kept in mind during the entire trip.


3. Safety Tips:

The weather in South East Asia is warm and humid all year round. This guarantees us 365 days a year on the road but at the same it might be tough for non-used riders. Therefore the following tips should be taken seriously:


  1. Be realistic with your physical condition and choose the tour accordingly.

    Always follow the given instructions.

  2. Rest enough. That’s why we are using quality hotels only.

  3. Alcohol and biking DO NOT belong together.

  4. Always use adequate safety gear

    1. Helmet with visor

    2. Ventilated riding jackets

    3. Riding pants

    4. Boots

    5. Riding glasses

    6. Gloves


All these gears are available at BLR’s shop but to ensure the right fit and your riding comfort we encourage you to bring and use your own gear.


4. Riding Tips:

Traffic in South East Asia is left handed. This might cause some headache for our American and European customers but not to worry, you will adapt to it fast. Another thing is the traffic, which is dense and sometimes full of action. This is one more reason why a fresh mind and properly adjusted mirrors are needed over here.

Roads in general are in good condition but you still need to always pay full attention while on the road. The scenic routes in the more rural parts of Malaysia or Thailand will definitely have pot holes, so do look out for them and be prepared that there might be a cow standing in the middle of the road just around the next bend.

The sun is HOT hence it is always a must to apply sun block and use it generously. Use long sleeves (jackets) and breathable materials always when you can.

People who are coming to Asia for the first time might get frustrated if the visa machine at tge hotel reception is not working as fast as back home. This and many other little peeves here and there should not destroy your mood. You are on holiday, in ASIA.


5. Do's and Don’ts for riding in Asia



  1. Enjoy the weather 365 days a year and bring along your bathers!

  2. Be adventurous and taste even the most suspicious ‘local food’.

  3. Follow and check your mirrors constantly.

  4. Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

  5. Use safety gear. They can be very comfortable under the hot sun too.

  6. Check your bike regularly.

  7. Look after your gear. Singapore is a safe place but it’s a different story altogether once you’ve crossed its borders.

  8. Ride respectfully. Harley riders have THE RESPECT in Asia and we don’t want to lose it.

  9. Lock your bike properly for overnight trips.

  10. Ride It Like You Stole It.





  1. Drink and Ride.

  2. Compete with local cars.

  3. Give ‘the finger’. In Singapore it can mean having a jail ‘party’ in the worst case scenario.

  4. Lose your temper and be a road bully.

  5. Leave your bike and gear unattended, even for a single minute.

  6. Let other riders dictate your riding pace. Ride your own ride!

  7. Travel heavy: pack only the absolute necessary items.

  8. Leave home without asking your girlfriend or spouse to join you for the ride (you will pay for it later!!)